NCC Monthly Technical Meeting Conclusion—main points list

2013-01-16 01:50:53
Proposal No. 10109061-LP0002 it’s necessary to do supply current rating variation of +/-15% toward platform or power end of tool.
Proposal No. 10109062- for those AP are necessary to be set by professional engineer, using different antenna with different output, agree to issue a NCC number.
Proposal No. 10109063、10109064- 1. low-power RF surface built inside medical equipments will deal case by case.
Proposal No. 10109065- if model circuit is layout placed above PCB board, should apply for TA according to products.
Proposal No. 10109066- labs. of telecom end equipment should be approved by NCC or overseas labs. that has signed MRA with NCC.
Proposal No. 10109068- if the charger’s output rating is between 1500mA to 2000mA, all test items in CNS15285 should be done with that output rating.