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Why local agent is needed?

According to BSMI(Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Insepction) Regulatory Product Inspection Law chapter 8 mentioned:

  1. It’s on behalf of the domestic manufacturers for exporting.
  2. It’s on behalf of the foreign manufacturers for importing.
  3. The sellers who is the manufacturers / exporters or importers / unknown consignors or cannot be traced consignors.
  1. Assembler.
  2. Modifier.

Above description approved Taiwan local agent is needed, it means inspection obligator (=Taiwan local representative = BSMI certificate holder = Product’s inspection obligator), we provide Taiwan local agent service with good credit and excellent service for saving foreign importers finding local agent in Taiwan.

How to do when facing random inspection after launching?

  1. The sales record of the products.
  2. The manufactured date.
  3. Quantity.
  4. The date out of factory.
  5. Sales targets.
  6. Building customer complaints handling unit.
  7. Customer complaint handling is reasonable.
  8. Customer complaint corrective action is taken.
  9. Build customer / consumer service handling unit.
  10. Customer / consumer service approach is reasonable.
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