We signed a memorandum and cooperation with Chunghwa Telecom laboratory from 2005; Chunghwa Telecom laboratory is an TAF accredited laboratory and is also BSMI BSMI national accredited laboratory. The purpose is to obtain the relevant product certificate and compliance test reports accelerate.

For customer service and technical support, we provide more complete service under cooperation with professional person to assist your certification apply and rapid professional advice. We simplify the procedures and make your product entering market more quickly and creating revenue.

General Manager Experience

  • UL Taiwan→ 2 years
  • Electronics Testing Center, Taiwan→ 6 years
  • BSMI trainer in year 2004 and 2008
  • PHIHONG TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD (R&D Dept.)→ 3 years
  • Right Power Certification Inc.(Chunghwa Telecom Laboratories)→ 7 years

Chunghwa Telecom Laboratories

  • The first laboratory approved by TAF(CNLA) in Taiwan, no.0263.
    (Initial approval dated: July 01, 1995)
  • The first certificate issued unit approved by NCC(DGT).
  • The first laboratory of highest and biggest capacity power source for single-phase and three-phase in Taiwan
  • The first company obtained energy label of copier.
  • The first company obtained energy label of printer.
  • The first largest communications and Internet company.

Certification Services

  • BSMI
  • NCC(DGT)
  • Green Mark
  • Energy Label
  • Taiwan Fire Safety equipment certification
  • DOH (TFDA) Medical equipment certification
  • Local representative
  • International Approval