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Various Environmental Services:

Push pull strength Wall-test Edge withstand test
Insulation Resistance Stress Test Ball pressure test
Impact strength test Hardness test Grounding resistance
Ambient temperature cycle test Electrical characteristics test Hazardous energy test
Discharge test Power to limit the power test Limiting current test
Temperature rise test Touch current test Electrical insulation test
The Sunburn Hotline test Inclination test Mechanical strength test
Sharp edges / acute angle test Vibration test Needle inspection test
Safety Test EMC test Vehicles and their components EMC test
Digital TV test Rechargeable battery test Connector testing
re broadcasting equipment test Waterproof and dustproof test Sunglasses type test
Chemical analysis WEEE 3R test Green mark test
Energy Label Test CTIA-OTA test Medical equipment test
Automotive electronics test Communication product testing RF test
Antenna test SAR test Environmental reliability test
Lead-free solder quality testing Optical measurement Metric cross TYPE test
General Weights and Measures Testing Vehicle inspection instrument
Lamps (LED) lighting product
Sound power test Fiber optical characteristics test The embrittlement characteristics
(cold resistance test)
Heating loss test Plastic analysis Metal coating thickness testing
Yield strength / compression stress test Flow index test Heat distortion temperature
Softness test (bending rigidity) Metal materials analysis Torsional stiffness modulus test
(low-temperature flexibility)
Splice resistance Low Temperature Testing Vibration and mechanical shock test
Drying Test Humidity Test IPv6 Standard Test
VoIP terminal equipment testing Broadband transfer access
network detection
The antenna system performance
Testing and calibration of
the optical fiber
and optical equipment
Standard frequency