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GREEN MARK(Taiwan Certification) Language:Chinese(Traditional)

一、Taiwan Green Mark Introduction

The Green Mark Program was launched in 1992 by Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Administration as a voluntary and positive ecolabeling program. The aim of the Green Mark is to “promote the concept of recycling, pollution reduction, and resource conservation.

二、Environmental Protection Products

The announcement of the International Standards Organization (ISO) ISO 14020 series of standards:

  • Type I environmental labeling is a voluntary, multiple criteria, third party validation plan. The product meets the a preset specification standards and third party certification, awarded special mark indicates that the product overall environmental superiority (of overall environmental preferability).

  • Type II refers to non-first class ring marks, because the product has a single environmental demands, such as, the conditions of the use of recycled material, recyclable, low pollution, or energy saving by the product manufacturer, importer, distribution , retailers themselves declare the product's environmental demands, such products without special mark. Although there is no strict requirements for third party validation in the second class of products, but to avoid misleading consumers, and therefore emphasized its advertising behavior to verify is the better.

  • Different from the previous two types of green flag and declare the product, the product is only in line with the multiple or single specification standard. Type III environmental declarations based on pre-set parameters group, and product life cycle assessment assessment, after third party validation, marked its quantitative environmental information product sales. The third category of products, any special mark.

    When Type III environmental declarations identified by other industry competent authority, and for other special marks, they put such products system called the other types of products is the so-called fourth class, to distinguish its characteristics.

三、96 Government Green Purchasing Designated Items
A class
ring Paul
Office stationery and paper
products used
Paper for office automation (OA)
Paper stationery, writing paper
Sanitary paper
Office with equipment Computer equipment (including PC , host , monitor , mouse , keyboard , printer , toner cartridges )
Black-and-white copiers
Fax machine
Electrical appliances Refrigerator
Air conditioner
Washing machine
Drinking water supplier
Lighting equipment ( in compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) , fluorescent lamp starter fluorescent tube )
Other Dual-flush water toilet
Cleaning supplies (including dish soap , laundry detergent , shampoo , floor cleaner , bathroom kitchen cleaners and skin cleansers , etc.)
Water-based paint
Recycled wood recycled products (including wooden furniture )